We are a Global Partner of Sabre Hospitality Solutions


Customized Websites that Engage Customers, Generate Action and Produce Revenue
Your Website is your most effective and visible sales tool, requiring constant monitoring and management. Hotel Commerce Solutions provides a comprehensive set of support services such as Web-based tools and applications. Our solutions are:
Responsive websites
Mobile Websites
Dynamic and flexible
Support immediate content and graphic updates
Effectively integrate new technologies and
Scale with the growth of your business

Our team of designers and development specialists apply leading-edge technologies and creative standards to ensure your hotel or chain's Website is both visually superior and performance driven. We custom develop each Website to effectively present and market your brand and services online, generate customer loyalty, and optimize revenue growth.

With features like promotional pricing, dynamic packaging & total pricing, our Internet Booking Engine enables you to sell your property to best meet its needs for any given day. Our multi-property booking engine gives groups and chains the ability to cross-sell on one screen!!

Hotel Commerce Solutions provides the optimal next-generation seamless connectivity to the world's major Global Distribution Systems of Amadeus, Galileo/Worldspan and Sabre, which are used by over 100,000 travel agents worldwide to book hotels. Through our IDS channel your property will gain on-line booking capability

Our consortia expertise and management services provide big benefits:
Increased visibility - By partnering with travel consortiums/TMCs, hotels will be listed in each program's directory, website, and will have a special rate access code through the GDS.
Increased revenue - Hotels will see an increase in GDS revenue at a higher ADR than that generated through the internet


We will help you keep your website fresh and up-to-date.
Earning your prospects and customers trust and confidence requires keeping your website current and fully functional at all times. Our website maintenance services are designed to do just that. Website maintenance is the process of updating the content of your website, including text, images, hyperlinks, and other elements to keep the website updated and functional.
Our maintenance services include:
Adding and deleting text and photos
Adding and deleting hyperlinks
Adding or deleting YouTube® videos
Fixing broken links or images
Adding meta-tags (title, description, and keyword tags)
Adding Google® Analytics
Making recommendations for improvements
We also provide custom plans for website maintenance services based on your website needs.

Search engine optimization

Recent Studies Show That 78% of All Hotel Transactions Involved Search at Some Stage...
As your online marketing consultant, our mission is to have your Website listed in the top organic results of the major Search Engines for the competitive keyword phrases your customers are searching for.
Our comprehensive approach to hotel Search Engine Optimization utilizes time tested, proven Search Engine Optimization techniques as well as cutting edge technologies and strategies.
A Website's accessibility is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization and a key element in its ability to position competitively in organic Search Engine results. As your SEO consultant, we will work closely with your Website development provider to ensure your Website utilizes cutting edge technologies that enhance the user experience and are also accessible to Search Engine crawlers.
An effective organic keyword strategy places emphasis on keyword phrases that offer the highest search volume and the best rate of conversion. As part of our service, our team of Search Engine Optimization consultants will research and identify the keyword phrases that are likely to create conversions for your property and develop a targeted keyword strategy that places your Website in front of customers during each stage of the search cycle.
A Website's content plays a critical role in its ability to convert looks into books as well as position competitively in organic Search Engine results. Our content optimization experts specialize in developing keyword rich copy that maintains a high integrity as a sales tool while meeting the requirements of Search Engine algorithms.
Modern Search Engines like Google and Bing use more than 200 characteristics about a Website to determine its organic rank for a keyword phrase. Online popularity is one of the primary characteristics used during this evaluation process. Promoting your hotel's Website online and developing quality link relationships with related Websites is essential for any Search Engine Optimization program.
Our suite of link building strategies utilizes existing relationships we have cultivated over the last decade, developing and publishing buzz worthy content to popular distribution channels and building a strong brand presence in social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Research, Analysis and Planning
Know your audience - an important but often forgotten step. Our team of specialists first evaluates and identifies the key target markets, selling points, location, feeder markets and seasonality of your property to fully understand goals and objectives. Keyword targets are then researched and selected based on factors including competitive landscape, Search Engine trends, and budget.
Our teams of specialists are Google AdWords Certified Professionals, skilled in setting up and managing campaigns in Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Bing. Your campaign will be set up with geo-targets, budget and visibility in mind. Our services stretch beyond English and the U.S. market with localization and management of multi-language campaigns in the international versions of major Search Engines.
In a Quality Score world, your campaign is only as good as its optimization. Our team of specialists develops unique ad copy optimized specifically for each keyword group. These ads lead to customized landing pages designed to increase conversion rates and relevancy in Search Engines. The life of your customized campaign will be monitored on a daily basis. Our team will make adjustments to bids, keywords, ad copy, and targeting to increase click through rates and conversion.

Maximizing the Potential of Emerging Technologies and Consumer Generated Content

Social Media Solutions and second generation Web-based services are shifting the World Wide Web paradigm, yet again. As your Digital Marketing partner, Hotel Commerce Solutions will ensure you effectively integrate the utilization of user-generated content and emerging trends to enhance your Online Marketing Programs. Our Social Media Marketing services includes:
Monitoring your online brand
Engaging your Website visitors
Facilitating the sharing of your content
Building Buzz by reaching and engaging customers in their communities in relevant and enriching ways
We diligently research and evaluate all emerging social media technologies to ensure your hotel will have access to the most innovative Web-based tools and solutions. RSS technology, Blogs, and Podcasting are just some of the trends to impact Hospitality Online Marketing, and we have developed solutions that enable immediate integration and adoption of these and emerging technologies.